We look forward to entertaining you and your guest.

Please note:

1) Provide available parking near venue for your performer as we need to be able to load and unload.

2) Please provide an 8' x 10' clear space near a wall outlet for the show set-up.

3) Robert does not perform up-stairs unless there is an elevator.

4) Robert does not perform out doors unless arrangements have been made a head of time.

Tips for a good show

Do not serve food during the show. The children will be participating in the show, food and drinks will spill and distract the children.

Turn off the t.v. or any other devices during the show. These will distract the children and affect the quality of your show.

Encourage the adults to watch the show. The children will be participating in the show and this will be your opportunity to take some great pictures & enjoy making some great memories. They wont be this young for ever so enjoy it.

Enjoy the show.

Robert Berry

The Magic Party